Why is it we are never happy with what we have when it comes to our hair, I am always trying out new products looking to find the perfect one!!! Here are a few tips for fine hair.

Eight top tips for fine hair

  • It is best to wash your hair in the morning, fine hair is at it’s best when it is clean.
  • When using a conditioner always make sure you use it on the mid lengths and ends, applying conditioner to the roots will only weigh the hair down and make it flat.
  • Styling products are great for fine hair, there are lots of products which you can spray on the roots to give them a boost, hair dust is very good for giving root volume. You don’t want anything too heavy, hair mousse is very good for adding volume it acts by swelling the hair shaft which makes the hair look and feel thicker.
  • When blowdrying the hair tip your head upside down and blast the roots, this will give you extra root lift. Once the hair is 50% dry style as normal.
  • When blowdrying the hair always section it off, starting underneath taking a section always allowing it to cool before taking the next section. Round hair brushes with a metal barrel are very good . The metal barrel heats up quicker acting as a heat conductor, making blowdrying quicker and giving a longer lasting result.
  • Colouring fine hair can be a great idea, adding 2-3 different shades will break up the base colour and make the hair look a lot thicker.
  • There are also lots of styling appliances out there to help give that extra bit of volume.
  • A few rows of hair extensions are always a good way to add that extra bit of volume.